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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect » Thread #61545976 - 4plebs

Memesplainer . Textile Embed Today's Top Image Galleries Tick tock wagecuck! Don’t have too much fun today, you have to be up bright and early for Monday morning! pepe frog neet wagecuck wageslave wage meme 4chan rare pepe Actual Real Life Documentary TBH FAM No. I'm completely AGAINST Capitalism and the wagecuck life. I've even made several threads about this. However, my thread is about these Foids, who willingly CHOSE to become the new MEN and pursue the wagecuck life rather than be a traditional NEET housewife (which is what foids were meant to be), then bitch about having to work. Brother Wagecuck Work and Pray.

Neet and wagecuck

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I have miserable feelings inside my mind I can't control. Visit Gandy originated from the PSL forums. They worship David Gandy, a model, as being the ideal male, pretty boy and masculine/dominant features. When they say "time to visit Gandy", it means it's time to go kys. 4 Aug 2019 Prefer wagecuck by a mile.

You're literally a wageslave. That's why being jobless and NEET and just rotting is original truecel trait.

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A wagecuck is but a mere drone. Its purpose is simply to sustain us NEETs. We shouldn’t feel sorry for them.

Neet and wagecuck

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14 mars 2021 — ">>141211762. Jag gick från NEET till perma-NEET och fick 3000 mer i månaden​.";. if(Anonymous && title=="" && postNumber==141212146  uttrycker den känslomässiga resan som ledde honom till ett troget ”NEET” -liv. Han flaggade sig själv som en " wagecuck " och mannen avvecklades så  R.I.P Wagie It is possible, even with a NEET-type personality, to get onto the normie wagecuck track. My experience isn't instructive when it comes to getting on the track in the first place, because I was lucky, but others have crawled out of NEETdom and once you do it, you can discipline yourself to remain on-track. It is possible.

Neet and wagecuck

We shouldn’t feel sorry for them. Imagine our body it contains of millions of cells, which are to be replaced time and time again. The wagecuck is but a cell to serve the higher body that is the NEET.” Really makes you He continued: “So what is a wagecuck then? A wagecuck is but a mere drone.

Wagecuck, the murder that has taken place here today is a kind of puzzle- a puzzle of blood and mystery. Just the kind of panacea to ease the enlightened NEET's boredom.

It’s about a group of men who decide to opt out of society, and then I thought “how fitting! That’s what I’ve done as a NEET!” As Rand would put it, I am acting in my own rational self-interest by not working.
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That’s what I’ve done as a NEET!” As Rand would put it, I am acting in my own rational self-interest by not working. 2018-10-12 · The NEET generally eschews asceticism altogether, embracing the squalor and isolation of pornography, video games, and anime, and so falls outside our topic. For the wagecuck, leading his family in prayer and as a teacher will remain a chief duty, but now will also entail defensive measures against a rampant, aggressive cultural liberalism which often totters into nihilism.

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It is possible. It has its rewards. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. If I just want to survive I can stay NEET. Of course not everyone has this oppurtunity. For that people there is no other option. But I call these people "wageslaves".